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Designing Gorgeous Sewing Patterns and Templates Since 1935

The Golden Rule has a long history of striving towards creating stunning designs and sewing patterns that are easy to follow and intuitive so that they suit someone who has newly discovered their love for tailoring, as well as those who have become expert dressmakers. We have exported premium quality tailor’s and dressmaker’s products and sewing supplies to more than 104 countries and continue to help amateur and professional designers discover their passion for sewing.

We offer a broad range of Starter and Classic sewing patterns and designs, as well as a robust selection of sewing supplies and accessories, including Prymadonna Dress forms, sewing gauge eight spacers, cutting ruler kits, ring binders for supplements, and plyers, rotary cutters, tailor’s and dressmaker’s scissors, chalk wheel sticks, tracing wheels, and magnetic pin cushions from PRYM.

The Golden Rule method makes custom sewing easy and intuitive with made-to-measure sewing patterns and templates that make designing an enjoyable, creative, and fulfilling experience.

We offer priority shipping with DHL worldwide express. Order premium design patterns, sewing supplies, and sewing accessories from The Golden Rule today.